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4th ESO students attend the play MINDSCAPES at the University of Lleida

About the lights and shadows of the human mind.

It was an incredible performance carried out by 3rd grade English Studies students at the University of Lleida.

Nuria Casado is the drama teacher responsible for making the players discover the words of  literature, poetry, music, rhythm at the same time in the play. The cast were able to create genial scenery full of action, colours, emotions which draw the public attention for one hour and a half.

The deep fight between the brain and the mind in a mental health hospital brought the students to a non-familiar setting which made them think about the human being and its complicity.

We were impressed of seeing Laura, Melanie, Paula and Rosa, ex-students of our school, playing their roles in the play. It was absolutely awesome!!!

The students left the place astonished although some recognised positively that the level of the language as well as the content were really high. However, it was worthwhile.