Col·legi Episcopal de Lleida


Getting ready for the Canterbury trip

Students of 3rd ESO started the English lessons on the Canterbury Tales as a preparatory activity for the trip to England.

The last Wednesday, 1st of March, and Thursday, 2nd of March, the 3rd Eso students that fly to England on the 25th of March started a brief course of 3 sessions with the UdL interns.

The students expressed positive opinions towards this activity since they found it very entertaining and dynamic. The UdL interns have prepared different activities to foster students’ oral and written English skills. Firstly, the students have been shown an introductory video to contextualize Geoffrey Chaucer and his best-known work, The Canterbury Tales. After watching the video, the students participated in an interactive activity to test their comprehension of the video. The second activity that continued in the second session consisted of reading two of the most known tales in Chaucer’s book. Finally, after the reading activity, students expanded their knowledge of the tales by answering some questions.

At the end of the lesson, students expressed their willingness to do more activities like these.

Ramona Pilescu and Marc Rodés.