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Fourth year of Dickens’s Project in Broadstairs.

38 students of 3rd ESO enroled in this years’ Synthesis Work.

Some students of 3rd ESO have decided to take part in the Project of Charles Dickens in Broadstairs, which will be hold from the 13th to the 20th March. They are going to spend a whole week in Broadstairs, participating in a great variety of lessons, activities and trips which will allow our teens to discover Dickens’s life as well as his political and social context. His well-known beloved classic novels Oliver Twist, Nicholas Nickelby, David Copperfield together with its main characters, will become their partners from now on.

Before leaving, they will have to start reading books, learning about the novelist’s main ideas and setting, apart from getting to know the main aspects of the British world. These previous tasks will help them to establish contact with what the project represents. Once there, they will have to get in touch with what Dickens left behind him. And the most exciting part is that they will have to live as the English do as they will be living in English families.

You can follow us from our Blog which contains some information about the main data, objectives, classes, activities !!!