Speaking English i nursery School!

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Cheeky Monkey is here!

English language in nursery school is one of the most important points in our centre. The youngest pupils in the school enjoys every week doing a lot of activities like playing knee bounce song, singing or listening stories with the English teacher and Cheecky monkey, who is the puppet  that always goes with her.

Moreover, every day, English is present in class in different activities like looking throw the window to see the weather or in Physical Education games.

The dinning service for P2 pupils is in English too. From our point of view, when this kind of routines are treated in a foreign language, children improves their sills in this language easily.

To start the lunch time, as a food bless, they sing the song: “It s lunch time”. “I’ve finished” or “water please” are some of the expressions that have been learnt for children and used naturally.