English & American week in batxillerat

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The students of Batxillerat have diven into this culture during a week full of activities.

During these five days of this past week, the English students have studied American culture through different methods.

Firstly, they submerged themselves in this leading and multifaceted country through a  talk about Route 66, by Peter. He explained the facts and curiosities about this trip with a playful smile and got everyone swiftly engaged.

Then, in their lessons, the students presented their projects about the United States in front of their classmates. The topics were diverse and offered an insight of what America is like: music festivals, politics or Hollywood were the most chosen options.

To end with, Màrius Serra, a well-known writer and activist for languages, came to our school and gave us wise words about the need of learning languages and pushing our boundaries further.

All in all, this week has given us useful knowledge and has triggered our interest in America and its traditions.