SHAKESPEARE 400. Related activities

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Poetry and Harry Potter

In the same frame of the literary week of Sant Jordi, and related to Shakespeare, students in ESO had the chance to learn about him, not only as a famous player of tragedy and comedy, but also as a well-known poet, who wrote lots of love sonnets.

After having listened to some of his poems, the students were asked to write their own piece of art and created some poetry. Here you can read some of their poems.

4th ESO_A 4thESO_R 4thESO_V 4thESO_Y

Besides, other activities took place during the week which logically, had to do with books. This was the case of Judit Moreno, a real expert on Harry Potter’s books and films. He offered the students in 4th Primary an oral presentation where she was able to explain the main aspects in Rowling’s books, characters and adventures. She took some of Harry Potter’s devices, tools, books and showed them to the boys and girls, who were really impressed by her. Her fluent speech and the content of her words drew their attention and interest.