Workers’ changes, rather than technological changes

Paloma Romero talks us about changes in business.

Paloma Romero visited us to explain changes companies suffer along their lives, constant changes which involve people. Technology is always changing, companies have to adapt to these, but eventually this implies  the business staff.

Paloma has worked in different companies, of all sizes and she has experienced herself these changes. She has taught we have to be prepared to accept them and take advantage of the the different situations we are going to find, to achieve our goals, no matter how low the salary is, the workmates we have, the precariuous job situation, all these factors are going to make us stronger and self-confident.

She explained us how the differentiating factor is our actitude facing our work, this makes us different from the rest of  applicants: enthusiasm, being creative, being intrapreneur ( a new concept we have learn: be entrepreneur inside the company we are working in) are going to provide us opportunities to climb the career ladder and get the job we really desire.

Good lecture!