Col·legi Episcopal de Lleida


INFANTIL I PRIMÀRIA. Josep Maria Artigal shared his methodology for a better learning

Episcopal school was the meeting point for the teachers around the city.

Once more, Josep Maria Artigal visited our school with the intention to get to know his methodology to expert and non-expert teachers giving them the opportunity to encourage this kind of interactive and communicative learning in the early stages of a child.

Josep Maria offered us some theoretical aspects which help to analyse and understand the way the pupils learn without being aware of it apart from having a good time in class.

Concepts of team work, cooperative learning activities, making the pupils become the heroes of the classes, were the basis of his talk. Suggested by the teachers, we could enter a three-year-old pupils class where he could show the practical part of his methodology and a primary class of 2nd grade where all the students became the characters of his tales.

He also invited us to reread classical writers and philosophers such as the well-known Kant, Piaget, Darwin, who together with current experts on the educations field, Chomsky, Bruner can help us develop and adapt new ideas to make the learning of the children more significant and communicative.