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Erasmus+: 3rd ESO students, in Turkey. Good trip!

3rd ESO students and teachers visit Turkey, Ankara and exchange experiences.

Five students of 3rd ESO together with the teachers Anabel and Guillem are enjoying their time in Turkey, Ankara as a part of the Erasmus+ programme we carry out together with the countries of Greece, Estonia, Turkey and France. The project is called “Cultures on a Palette” and aims to get to know different cultures and traditions shared by the different participant countries.

The students have had the chance to visit a new culture which is quite different from ours. Yesterday they visited the Anatolian Civilizations and the Ethnography Museums. Later they went to The Ankara Castle and the Hamamönü old town. They also visited the historical bazaar where tradional handcrafts are sold.

Today they are going to Cappadocia where they will visit the Saly Lake, the underground city of Avanos, some Fairy Chimmneys with hats, the Uçhisar Castle and the Güvercinlik Valley.

We are sure they will really enjoy the trip.