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Alba, a 2nd Batxillerat student gives a talk to 1st Batxillerat boys and girls, as a part of their English class.

Her experience abroad was a step more in the process of learning a language.

Alba Orellana, a 2nd Batxillerat student gave a speech addressed to 1st Batxillerat students, explaining  her experience in the USA, where she went, what she did, who she lived with and her feelings about it.

First of all, she showed us her timetable there. She stayed there for a month living with a native family. In the mornings, they used to go to lessons in a College called “California School of English” from 9.00 am to 12.00 am. Then, in the afternoon, they used to do several activities.

They also did one-day-trips with their families or with all the people they went with, to the Universal Studios, Disneyland, the beach, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Los Angeles.

They also went to see horse races, where you can bet money for the horse that you think might win, and actually two people from her group won between 100 – 200 dollars.

She told us that one of the most interesting things you learn, apart from learning about new costumes, practice English and so on, is to meet new people with different cultures and interacting with them.

It was such a great speech as her English is really good and fluent; almost as good as the famous TED talks we can watch nowadays on the net. Her experience abroad was a step more in her process of learning the English Language. Alba admits she has always been attracted to this language which she considers essential in life. This is one of the reasons why she is so good at it.

Thanks Alba ! It’s been a pleasure to listen to you.