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The Canterbury Tales Project

The students of 3rd ESO will go on a trip to a campus in Canterbury and have the chance to go to school with many native pupils to improve their English and their knowledge on other cultures.

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The students of 3rd ESO have spent three weeks working on English authors with the teachers and the trainees to be able to go on a trip to the United Kingdom and attend classes and do different activities about them. They will focus their learning on the most important works of Chaucer, an English writer, and practice their English level and pronunciation by interacting with other students. The circular that was sent to the families calls on parents to provide information on the June 11-17 trip to the city of Canterbury, UK. This is part of a synthesis work that students have previously worked on: “Canterbury Tales”.

The trip will be 7 days long and the program they will follow includes classes in a school with British students and tourism around the city and also London and Rochester, but not excluding any free-time activities. The first day will be when the students will make their way to Canterbury from London, on the second day there will be a visit to Broadstairs and classes will start on the third day, on the last three days they will go to London and will visit known landscapes in Canterbury and Rochester.

They will work on a dossier throughout the journey that will help them learn more about Geoffrey Chaucer who is considered the Father of English literature. In it, we can find his biography and a series of questions about his life followed by exercises and different activities they can do to make the work more enjoyable. By Cèlia, Ariadna & Mariona. Periodistes 1r Batxillerat