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FONIX: Batxillerat students doing their best in English!

The Fonix English contest offers us the opportunity to find out our level of English.

Dear parents, teachers, students,

My name is Mar. I’m studying 1st Batxillerat and last Wednesday I took part in the Fonix English test, which is an English competition among Catalonian schools.

At eleven o’clock the students of 2nd Batxillerat, who had had better marks in English, participated in the exam, which took place in the same school. Some hours later, at half past one, it was our turn. The test lasted one hour.

There were different parts in the exam: vocabulary, grammar, writing and reading comprehension. This year the topic of the contest was related to obesity and overweight. There was a text about yoga, an activity which many sportsmen practice as it helps them to concentrate and relax before playing a match or doing a competition. At the end of the test, we had to do a writing in which we needed to choose between two topics and I decided to write about how and why I could help a friend who is becoming obese.

I feel so proud of having participated in the Fonix once more. This kind of activities offers us the opportunity to find out our English level and encourages us to give the best of us in this language!

We will all know the results in brief!

Kind regards,