Col·legi Episcopal de Lleida


Batxillerat students visit Mediapro and TV3 in Barcelona

First and Second Batxillerat students learn how to be real journalists.

On the 25th January a group of “Journalist” students of 1st and 2nd Batxillerat went to Barcelona to visit the installations of Mediapro and TV3.

They left Lleida at 9 o’clock by bus and arrived at Mediapro centre at 11:45. Carmen Anglada, who works into the communication department of the well-known producer, explained the main characteristics of Mediapro, its functioning, staff, channels and popular programmes such as ‘El Gran Dictat’ and the English contest ‘Fish and Chips’. She showed them a video plenty of images to show the students the importance of the visual world.

The visit finished at one o’clock and the students had free time for an hour. Then, at 3 o’clock they arrived at TV3 studios and entered the stage of the TV programme ‘Divendres’. Episcopal students were the public of the programme for three hours. First, they watched the recording of a musical performance. Some politicians, leaded by Helena Garcia Melero, gave their views about the present political situation in Spain. Later, the famous Catalan cook Nandu Jubany prepared an exquisite recipe of truffles while an expert dog searched for truffles on the stage.

The trip was worth it as they were able to discover the attractive and at the same time hard world of the Media.

By Laura Sampedro i Laia Pérez.