English at the nurser

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We learn english with Cheeky Monkey.

Once a week, children of P1 and P2 do activities in the English language. We go to the multipurpose classroom and, with the help of the digital board and the puppet “Cheeky Monkey”. they learn songs, play games and listen to stories. In addition, some of the daily routines of the classroom and also of the lunch time are reinforced in English: “What’s the weather Like today? Is it sunny?, Is it cloudy?, Is it rainy? Or is it windy?”, “Let’s go to the playground”, “Let’s make a train”, “Sit down”, “Stand up”, “Take the spoon”, “Take the fork”, “Open your mouth”, “wash your hands”, ”soup” , “vegetables”, “pasta”, “rice”, “chicken”, “meat”, “fish”, “potatoes”, ”apple”, “pear”, “banana”, “yoghurt”. In this way, the learning of this foreign language begins at an early age.